“Captain America: Civil War” Directed by Joe & Antony Russo

Yet another amazing Marvel movie. I keep saying I’ll forgive their next movie if it’s bad and it’s never bad! So after some civilian casualties during one of their missions the UN wants to put a leash on the Avengers. Tony/Iron Man is all for this, but Steve/Captain America is against this. During the UN meeting a bomb is set off and the King of Wakanda is killed. Captain’s friend Bucky is the main suspect and that sets off to betray the governments of the UN and the Avengers to save this one guy. So this movie brings in the oldies from the other movies, but also brings in some new guys. New characters include the new Spider Man, the first appearance of Black Panther, and Ant Man (despite being in his own film hasn’t been in the Avengers). The movie has a good mix of action, comedy, and talking. The first action scene and the fight against the SWAT team in the apartment were nauseating due to the shaking cam and the very rapid cuts, but every other fight was very well done, especially the fight between all the heroes. The weakest part of the movie was the villain and Captain America’s personal heroism was frustrating. It was better than Age of Ultron, but its still not my favorite.
Final Verdict 8/10 Action Scenes.