“Don’t Breathe” Directed by Fede Alvarez

Is all the praise worth it? YEAH! This is one of the bleakest, darkest, and most terrifying movies I’ve seen in a long time! I didn’t see the trailer. I went in totally blind *rim shot*. I just thought it was about the people breaking into the house and then they get harassed by a ghost or something. NO! Its a movie that furthers my point that the most terrifying thing in any horror movie is how horrible people are. Do not think the Blind Man is innocent of all wrong doings. There is never a lax moment in this movie. You are always as scared as our characters are. The cinematography and lighting are incredible in this movie. I was honestly surprised when I saw that Fede Alvarez only directed one movie. Evil Dead remake (Which I reviewed back when I didn’t have a blog and remembered hating). He really knows how to use the natural light and the monochrome darkness in the basement is one of the most chilling pieces of cinema…until a few scenes later. That scene is when there IS no sound whatso ever. Its a terrifying minute of film that made me await the jumpsacre. And there wasn’t. There are next to no jumpscares in the movie. The only time I can remember is near the beginning and it’s to set up how savage that dog is! My only complaint is that they didn’t kill the fucking dog! That thing is a monster that almost killed them several times and only hindered them. EXTREMELY. Hell the girl (Rocky) should have broken her neck in the air vent scene. I’m shocked she managed to keep walking! Come to think of it. People are almost indestructible in this movie. The only thing that can kill them are guns I guess. All in all. See this movie if you want a good scare. Final Verdict 10 Blind Eyes out of 10