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Star Wars The Force Awakens

This movie…Was amazing. I felt like I was five years old while watching it. The action was spectacular, the effects were beautiful, the characters were lovable and fun, the story was great, and it was funny! That was the thing people hated the most about Phantom Menace! So…where to begin? Well for starters I love Star Wars. All of them, prequels included (prequel haters can kiss my ass). My personal favorite is Empire Strikes Back and Luke Skywalker has been and always will be my hero. My personal favorite lightsaber design is K’kruhk’s and my color of choice is green.
Kkruhk saber
As you can tell I’m beating around the bush a bunch. Well the movie is a thrill ride. It’s like JJ Abrams was a little kid trying to get in as much playtime as humanly possible before bed. It’s always exhilarating and fun. The acting is top notched whether it be from the newer actors like Daisy Ridley as Rey or Kohn Boyega as Finn and the old the older actors like Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in there respective rolls. Kylo Ren is a fantastic villain with much turmoil going through him. He has a similar Sith look with the all black garb and mask. While that might be dull to some people I’ve always been fond of that kind of design. Unlike Vader though he doesn’t chock people when he’s mad he just slices up the wall with his lightsaber. And this is for those who still question the crossguard’s effectiveness or use.
The dog fighting scenes are fantastic and resemble some of the battle scenes like the Death Star Run in New Hope, the Battle Over Endor in Return of the Jedi, and the attack on the Trade Federation ship in Phantom Menace. I’ll admit I was quoting some of the older lines in the movie. The comedy is top notch with many, many funny lines. My personal favorite is when Han Solo is speaking with former employers and asks if he ever let them down. One side responds yes and the other says twice. Han immediately asks, “When was the second time?” Harrison Ford still brings his straight man humor and bonds well with Rey. Speaking of Rey, she is a badass. By the end of the movie she becomes a skilled force user and defeats Kylo Ren in their lightsaber duel. The nostalgia factor is high with returning characters, returning songs, and as I mentioned before the fight scenes. The movie is completely opened and if it ended five minutes earlier I would have cursed out the screen shouting, “NO! NO! YOU CAN’T END IT THERE!”
You don’t need to know everything to enjoy the movies, but for a good understanding I recommend at least seeing New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi before seeing it If you are new to the franchise. I love the prequels, but others…don’t. Go see it. It was fun, funny, action packed, and well worth several more viewings.
Final Verdict – 10/10 Green Lightsabers

“The Peanuts Movie” Directed by Steve Martino.


It’s Peanuts! Really what more can I say? The universe still hates Charlie Brown, Woodstock still steals the entire show, The Red Baron is a main character, and the characters are all there. The film is about Charlie trying to impress his friends and the Little Red-Haired Girl (That’s actually her name!). Meanwhile, Snoopy writes a book about the Flying Ace, as he tries to save his love interest, Fifi, from the Red Baron and his zeppelin. I seriously called the Snoopy story beat for beat, which was hilarious. It was funny and it had great moments, but the kids in the theater were kind of the annoying, but I can’t bash the movie to much for that. Final Verdict 9/10 Woodstocks.

“Crimson Peak” Directed by Guillermo del Toro.


Easily one of the best modern horror films I’ve seen in a long time. The acting, the effects, the mood, the set, the story, and the scares are all fantastic. I loved Pan’s Labyrinth and Cronos so I had high hopes for it. My initial thoughts of the first scene were not good. It was shot well, the lighting was fantastic, but the scares were off. It was those loud booming stinger noise scares. The context to the scene is that it’s the main character Edith’s recently deceased mother. The ghost looks good with an almost zombie like appearance to add onto the ghostly look to it. It puts its hand on young Edith’s shoulder and you hear a loud boom and the mother has a deep and gravely voice. My problem is that it should have been subtler. The hand on the shoulder should have been a silent and the voice should have been soft and nurturing. It is her mother after all. Other than that the movie is brilliant. We see Edith (played by Mia Wasikowska) seventeen years later as she meets Tom Sharpe played by Tom Hiddleston trying to pitch a clay-mining tool to Edith’s father Carter played by Jim Beaver (who has a delightful mustache beard combo and I shall affectionately refer to him as Moustache Dad). He is turned down for the funding and later we see Edith and Tom dancing at a party and they chat about a story Edith is writing. It’s very vague. All we know is that it has a ghost in it and the ghost is a metaphor for the past. Moustache Dad scoops up the past on Tom and his sister Lucille played by Jessica Chastain. He doesn’t explicitly tell us what he found, but he tells Tom to break Edith’s heart. He does and she leaves sobbing. Then the next morning Moustache Dad is murdered by an unknown figure by smashing his head on a sink. That scene was very well shot with the camera panning across the room as he walked, but the emphasis on the shaving razor at one point was odd. I guess it was supposed to be on the sink. Edith re-unites with Tom when he leaves her a letter telling her the truth and that he really did love her. They get married after the funeral for Moustache Dad and they move to England to live in his estate. Said estate has a giant hole in the ceiling, moths flying all over the place, is sinking into the clay ground, and is haunted by ghosts. Other than that it’s a lovely house. The ghosts repeatedly make appearances to Edith, but she doesn’t know what it is they want though. She later learns that one is Tom and Lucille’s estranged mother, the other is one of Tom’s ex-wives whom they murdered, and the last is a baby had between Tom and Lucille. Yes this movie has incest in it and is dropped on our laps like ten minutes before the end of the movie! So Lucille has been gradually poisoning Edith as Tom slowly, but surely falls in love with her. At the end Moustache Dad’s doctor comes to find Edith after he found out that Lucille murdered their mother and Edith not only learned of the incest, but she is Tom’s 4th wife. However Tom can’t kill either of them because of his love for Edith. So Lucille in a jealous and insane fit she stabs him in the face! A short chase ensues that ends with Edith killing Lucille with a shovel. As I said earlier the scares get much better after the first scene. The ghosts are quiet and their appearance alone is meant to scare you. The performances are great, but the standout is Jessica Chastain who does a superb job at playing a crazy lady! I highly recommend it! It’s slow, but scary and it’s very effective. Even if you don’t like horror movies, but if you love Tom Hiddleston he gives an amazing performance and you get to see his bare ass for like two minutes. Final Verdict – 9/10 Tom Hiddleston butt cheeks.